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Pregnancy Yoga With Sarah

Pregnancy Yoga With Sarah

Pregnancy Yoga With Sarah

I am a midwife, a mum and a pregnancy yoga instructor. I also work as a Reiki Practitioner with a particular focus in Reiki for Pregnancy, Fertility and Women’s health.

My pregnancy yoga classes are a perfect way to take some time out of your day to rebalance your body and come into the present to enjoy this time. We will focus a lot on preparing for the big day that is to come and you will feel prepared for this, mind, body and spirit.

We will go through breathing techniques to bring a sense of calm to your body and your baby, these techniques are excellent in the lead up to labour and on the day.

We cover a range of postures that both prepare your body for labour and birth but also ease any tension from current pregnancy symptoms – e.g SPD, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Nausea, PGP.

These postures aim to strengthen your body in preparation for birth and the postnatal period.

I focus a lot on relaxation and the role it has on your hormone levels. We end every class with a gorgeous relaxation that will have you floating out of the room.

I am always available to answer any midwife or mum related questions, and I aim to be your support person in the lead up to this wonderful day.”

My Classes always start with a 5-8 minute Pranayama exercise focusing on connecting with their bodies, their babies.

  • Three part breath
  • Straw breath
  • Alternative Nostril Breath
  • Square Breath
  • Cooling Breath etc.


I would usually finish the Pranayama section while still cross legged and move onto some cross legged over arm stretches, neck rolls, wrist rolls etc.I focus a lot on getting to know the pelvis and explaining the mechanism of labour and how different positions can assist getting an optimal birthing position.I focus on hip circles, pelvic tilts, pelvic alignment etc.

Seeing as the pelvic floor and jaw have such a huge connection a lot of my classes we do a lot of breathwork during our asanas to promote jaw relaxation and relaxing the pelvic floor for birth.

I focus on getting to know the pelvic floor and pelvic floor exercises – particularly with breathwork. E.G Cat/Cow – Inhaling and contracting the pelvic floor while arching back, exhaling – letting pelvic floor relax while coming to flat back position.

I like to also focus on breathing through challenging positions E.G Lunge/Deep Squat, and focusing on breath for average length of a contraction and then resting for 2 minutes in child’s pose. This works very well as when it comes to time of birth when surges are coming they can relate back.

I do a lot of focusing on a Drishti Point during a pose that requires balance e.g Tree pose. The feedback from women is that this was the most beneficial practice to have for labour.

I do a lot of educating women about different positions to labour in with Electronic Monitoring, with an Epidural or any other intervention.

It is inevitable that some women will have these interventions and I completely support their choices and I always like them to feel prepared for what can be optimum for them.

E.G with an epidural lying Left Lateral with a Peanut Ball.

  • Many women have reported back they felt in control of their labour even with these interventions.
  • I provide everyone with a booklet to go home with. This contains a brief summary of labour and the hormones involved. How we can affect our hormones and decrease adrenaline, different positions that they can bring to the hospital with them. Different acupressure points for pain relief, and some birth and pregnancy affirmations to focus on.


The Best Part –  Relaxation

I do a 15 minute guided meditation at the end in a lying down position – usually on their left lateral supported with pillows, blankets, bolsters.

I sometimes focus on baby and connecting with baby and sending love and light, sometimes I just focus on mum and filling her with energy and strength, I do a lot of healing and fear releasing meditations and sometimes I just do a good old Yoga Nidra.

Every woman leaves on a high and has a great night sleep!

When: 6:30 – 7:30pm Tuesdays
6 Weeks €80
Drop in €17 Unwaged €10


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