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OSHO Active Meditations is calling you.

OSHO Active Meditations is calling you.

OSHO Active Meditations

Firstly three important questions

Q.1 Do you struggle to sit still in meditations?

Q.2 Would you like to experience meditation that involves dancing, shaking and moving the body?

Q.3 Would you like to try and experience a variety of meditations?

If YES come join me for a six week workshop of OSHO®active meditations or you welcome to drop in to an individual class.

OSHO®active meditations are scientifically designed for the modern man and woman as they use the body first through an activity before moving into a silent stage. They last one hour and set to music. They have a series of stages that will bring about an individual transformative experience for the meditator.

Join me in experiencing these beautiful, unique meditations

Wk.1. 5 OctoberOSHO Chakra sounds. This meditation activates all the chakras in the body through the use of sound followed by silence

Wk.2. 12 OctoberOSHO Heart Meditation. This meditation focuses on the heart chakra, breathing in misery and transforming it into joy through the heart.

Wk.3. 19 OctoberOSHO Mahamudra. This is a gentle meditation where the body surrenders to its organic movement through Laithan, followed by giving and receiving to the Earth to replenish your energy

Wk.4.  26 OctoberOSHO No Dimensions. This is a beautiful Sufi dance meditation followed by whirling then silence.

Wk.5.  2 NovemberOSHO Nataraj. This is a pure dance meditation followed by silence.

Wk.6.  9 NovemberOSHO Kundalini. This is an evening only meditation that consists of shaking, dancing, witnessing and then silence

Venue: The River Room

Duration: 6 weeks (Thursday evenings from 5th October 2017)

Cost: 80 euro for the six weeks or you can drop in which is €15 per class subject to availability please call us in advance.

Time: 6.15pm -7.30pm

Contact: Ana gale 0860716674 or River Holistic Centre 01831 0888


OSHO Active MeditationsTM