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Optimising Brain Health

Optimising Brain Health

The Brain Health Progamme



Are you concerned about your risk of brain decline now or in the future?

Perhaps you have noticed brain fog, poor memory, concentration or low mood?

What is The Brain Health Programme?

​This programme aims to support brain health using the diet and lifestyle techniques based on Professor Dale Bredesen’s research. There are 6 weekly meetings covering the following topics that have all been shown in research as important for brain health:

MIND What You Eat – nutrition for brain health

Optimise Gut Health

Stress Management

Getting a Good Night’s Sleep


Brain Training

Over the course of this practical and interactive programme you will learn how to optimise brain function and overall health, by engaging in diet and lifestyle changes NOW!

Invest in your HEALTH – it’s the most important thing you can do for yourself!


When: Fridays from 20th of April to May 25th(inclusive) 10.30am – 12 noon
Where:  River Holistic Centre, 10 Main Street, Raheny, Dublin 5.
Investment:  €200 
Contact: Barbara O’Keeffe, Nutritional Therapist, mNTOI at 0868239894
or email Barbara@missionwellness.ie
  For more information visit: www.missionwellness.ie