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Nutrition and Health Coaching

nutrition and health coaching at River Holistic

Nutrition and Health Coaching

Nutrition & Health Coaching.

nutrition and health coaching at River Holistic

My role as a nutrition and health coach is to support you with decisions around food, nutrition and lifestyle in order to promote your health and wellbeing and to enable you to reach your desired outcomes.

Within these sessions we will work with principles of nutrition to ensure you are eating a tasty balanced diet (no cardboard meals required), identify and develop lifestyle habits and patterns to support the sustainability of your changes.  In partnership we agree upon an action plan to make sustainable changes to support your journey.

Each session and plan is unique to you, and tailored to your individual needs.  

During these sessions together we will explore:

  • Food- your patterns, beliefs & optimal nutrition
  • Sleep- developing a healthy sleep routine
  • Developing supportive and nurturing self care practices
  • Increasing your energy levels
  • Exercise that works for you
  • The importance of hydration
  • Finding your unique work / life balance to reduce stress and increase FUN

What is a Clarity Session?

  • 75 minute Nutrition & Health Coaching Session.
  • Review of your completed food diary, with suggestions to enhance a healthy balanced diet.
  • Identify your desired outcomes.
  • Develop a unique action plan to support your health and wellbeing.
  • Identify any limiting beliefs or self sabotaging patterns.

Why do people book additional Follow Up Sessions?

  • Develop your unique balanced eating habits with the support of a qualified nutrition & health coach.
  • Stay focussed and accountable in achieving, reaching and maintaining your desired results.
  • Cultivate new habits to support yourself, and enable you to flourish in life.
  • Develop an understanding of the principles of nutrition.
  • Develop exercise routines which are  fun and supportive to you.

Option 1:

  • 1 x 75 minute Clarity Session
  • 3 x 60 minute Monthly Follow Up Sessions
  • Mid Month Accountability Email & Support

Costing €380 

  • Payment plan:

€140 deposit plus 3 monthly payments of €80

Option 2:

  • 1 x 75 minute Clarity Session
  • 5 x 60 minute Monthly Follow Up Sessions
  • Mid Month Accountability Email & Support

Costing €480

  • Payment Plan:

€155 deposit plus 5 monthly payments of €65.

Booking Your Session.

Contact Laura on 085 8225450, by email on laura@loveyourlife.ie or via her website https://www.loveyourlife.ie/nutrition-health-coaching  to arrange a free introductory call.  This call is an opportunity for you to meet me, and me to meet you, for you to ask any questions you may have about the suitability of the sessions for you, and for me to explain more about my style of coaching and approaches which I use with my clients.  These calls usually last 15 – 30 minutes.