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Divine Feminine Healing Circle

Divine Feminine Healing Circle

Worthiness of Womankind is something that is slowly changing.and will see our way forward

We are clearing lifetimes of Old Feminine Pain in of many forms! Through my own past life healing experiences and those I have seen with private clients this is an important part of our purpose here. As we clear this old pain we will be able to clear the path for those that follow and bring forward new feminine ways and be the beacons the bright light we are meant to be!

In this time together we will work with the energies of:

Ascended Master Mother Mary ( Our Lady)

Ascended Master Hina

Ascended Master Paravati

Spirit Guide Maureen (my Human Mother & Healing Spirit Guide)
We will also be calling in all your own personal Spirit Guides, Female Ancestors and many other Angelic and Higher Beings.
There will be some chatting, chanting, meditation, healing restorative style yoga, self healing and hands on healing and channeling through me.
I’m very excited to be holding space for us to come together to Rise Up in Spirit and Soul and Be the Through Worthy Feminine Beacons of Light we are meant to BE!
In Light


This workshop will be on the 18th of March in the River Room at River Holistic at 10am to 1pm

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