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Cathy Addis

Cathy Addis

Hi, my name is Cathy and I am delighted to be teaching Vinyasa Flow Yoga (which is a style of yoga that flows with the breath) here at the wonderful River Holistic Centre 

To give you a little bit of a background about me – I have always been interested in self care, healing and expression. I studied fine art in NCAD and exhibited my paintings for many years -art was my passion, my career and it was also my therapy.
Fast forward a few years and a few life changes and as it became harder to continue painting, I started to delve deeper into healing. I was studying to be a reiki master and Aurasoma colour consultant and for a time I practiced these alternative therapies, helping others on their healing journey.
During this time I was sporadically practicing a mild form of yoga but mostly running or playing tennis. Then one day I walked into an astanga yoga class with the amazing Nicki Cousins and my life slightly changed! I became hooked on this more flowing physical form of yoga and loved how my body and mind felt during and after practicing.
After I while I started to move away from that style of yoga and more into vinyasa flow. It’s a less physical practice compared to astanga but equally I love flowing from pose to pose moving with the breath, building heat and slowing it back down to a quieter practice towards the end.
Again, fast forward a couple of years and in 2013 I took the step to learn and deepen my practice by doing my yoga teacher training in Samadhi school of yoga here in Dublin. After an intense nine months of learning and practicing I graduated in 2014 and started teaching more or less straight away. Since then my own practice continues to grow along with my classes, for which I am very grateful. Yoga and teaching yoga has now fully become my form of healing, my self care and my work and I love continuing to learn and share the amazing healing and physical benefits of this practice with others no matter what age or experience they have! So if you’re interested in trying one of my vinyasa flow classes please join me on your mat, I’d love to see you there:)

Namaste, Cathy

Cathy Addis
Yoga Teacher
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