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Candle-Lit Yoga For Women

Candle-Lit Yoga For Women

Candle-Lit Yoga For Women

Working as a midwife, particularly specialising in women’s health and fertility it has opened my eyes to all the ways we can get back in touch with our bodies again. Going through fertility treatment or any other complication for women can feel like a loss of control. My 6 week course is aimed at giving women back control over their amazing bodies again. Whether you are someone who has had a chronic condition like endometriosis, or someone who is trying for a baby or a woman who simply would like to get more connected to their body and their divine feminine side this 6 week course is for you.

I will be guiding you through a sequence of asanas (yoga postures), breathing techniques and most importantly relaxation techniques to enhance your female health.

Candles will be lit, blankets, bolsters and pillows will be ready for you for a girly yoga class.

All beginners welcome 🙂

Benefits include:

  • Eases Endometriosis/PCOS/PMS/Period Pain/Menopause Symptoms.
  • Huge Benefits for enhancing Fertility.
  • Regulates Hormones & Reproductive Cycle

Namaste, Sarah x


6 Week Course:

Investment: €80 – 6 weeks, €17 Drop in, €10 unwaged.

When: Friday 3rd of November

6.30pm –The River Room, River Holistic Centre, Raheny.

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Email: info@riverholistic.ie / sarah.reiki.yoga@gmail.com
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