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Back and Soul Yoga

Back and Soul Yoga



Mondays 8-9pm (No class on the bank holiday)
5-week course: 60 euro
4-week course: 50 euro
Drop in: 15 euro – Regular students: 12.5 euro

  • Understanding the importance of posture and alignment. You will learn primary
    movements to have a healthy back.
  • Releasing tension from lower to upper back with a strong foundation. The importance of
  • Exploring breathing techniques to release upper body tension while we hold gentle back bends.
  • Expanding from chest to back with slow movements connecting with our heart and crown chakras.

What’s included during the course?
 Breathing techniques to relax body and mind.
 Yoga postures focused on gentle spinal therapeutic movements.
Meditation and mindfulness exercises.
 Online follow up – Each week every student will receive an email with personalised advice
about their practice and tips to continue the therapeutic effects of yoga at home.

 Adjustments and gentle shoulder massage to help releasing tension during relaxing poses.
 Yoga reading and discussion about the topic of the week (After 9pm).

 Enter the raffle to win an eco-friendly t-shirt made of organic cotton with a mindful design.
 20% discount in your first holistic massage with me (Location: to be discussed)
Secure your place with a 20 Euro deposit.
Call Reception 018310888 or Lady on 0831651757
Total investment: 50 Euro (to be fully paid by the beginning of the course)