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Aoife Moore

Aoife Moore

Namaste, I’m Aoife.

I’m a yoga lover based in Dublin.

I completed my 200 YTT with Samyak in Mysore India in 2017.

I trained as an actor in 2000 and I currently still work as an actor in Ireland and Europe. I began yoga in 2013 as it was part of the warm-up for rehearsals for a play I was doing… I wasn’t too happy to do yoga to be honest!  It seemed too slow for my fast pace mind. I was used to going to the gym and swimming and playing team sports.  Gradually over the course of rehearsals my body and mind craved yoga more and more… I was hooked! My life path started to change. I went less to the gym deciding instead to roll out my yoga mat. I fell in love with the peace and stillness that yoga offered me…I hadn’t realized I was missing this in my life!

Cut to 2016 when I decided that I loved the benefits of yoga so much that I wanted to increase my knowledge and understanding of it. I wanted to share my passion with others.  I travelled to India for 4 months where I trained to be a hatha yoga and pranayama teacher. Afterwards I headed north to Rishikesh to continue my yoga practice and later I travelled to Dharamshala where the Dalai Lama resides and I spent some time learning meditation from Buddhist monks there.

Even though I love yoga and it’s stillness… all in moderation…. I don’t sit on my mat in silence all day! I put on a red nose and work as a Clown doctor – Dr. Razzmatazz, in Crumlin Children’s Hospital and Temple Street where I bring laughter and giggles to sick children. Also, I have 12 years experience teaching drama, movement and voice to children, teenagers and adults around Ireland.

As well as hatha yoga, I teach kids yoga and family yoga, yoga for Parkinson’s and senior yoga. I teach in yoga centres, halls, schools, sitting rooms and parks…when the Irish weather allows! I teach donation based classes and also private classes in your home.

I teach with the idea that Yoga is not what you see…yoga is what you feel.

Yoga has become my guide. Yoga is no longer a hobby. Yoga is my way of life…I invite it to become yours…



Contact me for more details and prices: 0861067100/mooreaoife@hotmail.com